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Last updated 18 March 2024

Consultant Spotlight: Hershini Abeygunawardena

“Embracing remote work with an exceptional team is truly invaluable to me. Every day feels like a dream come true as I contribute to our collective success.

To say the remote-first working culture at Lánluas has changed the shape of Hershini’s days would be an understatement for the dedicated consultant who previously commuted six hours a day for a job she loved.

Hershini now revels in the freedom of working from home. This newfound flexibility has lightened the load of managing her work-life balance, enabling her to thrive professionally and personally.

The culture and an unwaveringly supportive team fosters an environment of collective success rather than individual achievement. These aspects are just two of the many reasons why she loves her role with Lánluas as a specialist TechnologyOne consultant.

With a career spanning two continents and over 18 years of diverse experience, Hershini has worked with organisations such as Millennium IT, Mobitel, and the Disability Trust, where she embarked on her TechnologyOne journey.

What Hershini likes most about consulting is the constant variety and challenge it brings. Each day presents new opportunities for growth and learning, a prospect she eagerly embraces.

Hershini says as a consultant, humility, adaptability, and patience are paramount when working with clients.

“Ultimately, my aim is to ensure client satisfaction above all else.”

She describes the sense of support and care within Lánluas as incredible. Lánluas’ buddy program ensures that newcomers feel welcomed and supported from day one. Hershini’s own buddy, Karen, provided invaluable assistance and is her go-to person when she needs advice.

“The team is exceptional; there’s always someone ready to lend a hand when you need it.”

When Hershini experienced a family bereavement, the company displayed exceptional compassion and flexibility, even sending her flowers—a gesture she will forever appreciate.

It has been a case of onwards and upwards for Hershini who has embraced the culture of support, flexibility, and genuine care within Lánluas.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunities for growth, the support of my colleagues, and the connections I’ve formed. Working as a TechnologyOne consultant with Lánluas is very rewarding and a testament to the power of a supportive work environment.”

For more information about a career at Lánluas, and to check out available opportunities, visit our Careers page.

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