Lánluas has developed a strategic partnership with the best-of-breed vendor Laevo to underpin our digital PMO solution.

Real-time interconnectivity for planning, prioritising and program delivery provides measurable value to stakeholders.

Lánluas’ digital project management solutions eliminate multiple systems and spreadsheets:

  • Seamlessly gain real-time interconnectivity for planning, prioritising and delivering programs.
  • Demonstrate transformation and deliver measurable value to all stakeholders.
  • No need to combine multiple complex systems and spreadsheets.

Lánluas’ strategic vision, market penetration and delivery capability are a major contributor to Laevo’s success.  With our 3+ years partnership, Laevo has been positioned to a number of Lánluas’ customer base of State and Local Government entities and not-for-profit companies; key segments that Laevo provides significant value to.  I am committed to continuing this prosperous, important strategic partnership; to benefit both our companies and our amazing customers.

Matthew Rogan, Founder & CEO – Laevo

Our expert team of business analysts and process champions will help to drive the best solution for your business.

Our functional expertise sets us apart. We have a deep understanding of best practice processes and can align this to your legacy or TechnologyOne environment if required.

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Laevo – making change happen

Laevo helps you manage large-scale change projects so you can focus on doing great work.

Through our digital Project Management Office [dPMO], we can help to improve the way your organisation manages change, making projects agile, enjoyable and transparent, enabling you to design, plan and deliver sustainable change at scale. 

The investment in transforming your business is significant – infrastructure, the supply and value chain, partners, the community and your people. LaevoIGNITE enables you to design, connect and transform your business to deliver your strategic vision. With broad application, it is suitable for organisational restructures, strategic programs and projects, business and digital transformation programs, and enterprise change programs.

The 5 key modules include:

  1. Imagine – Future frame your organisation
  2. Design – Plan to deliver results
  3. Connect – Engage with your stakeholders
  4. Learn – Deliver new capabilities
  5. Transform – Continually improve the delivery lifecycle.

Change the way you manage change.

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