As digital transformation reshapes the business world, the challenge for today’s leaders is to leverage technologies that set their businesses up for the future.

Lánluas has developed strategic partnerships with best-of-breed global vendors to underpin our integrated planning solutions.

Anticipate and use change to your advantage; pivot and speed up decision making – all with the power of integrated planning and information on tap. Let our integrated business planning solutions drive visibility, accuracy and efficiency, offering a flexible and scalable base for unified strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting.

  • Gain real-time business intelligence to turn ideas into action.
  • Revolutionise and accelerate decision making with integrated business planning solutions.
  • Drive accuracy in enterprise budgeting – simplify budgeting and forecasting processes.

Our expert team of business analysts and process champions will help to drive the best solution for your business. Our functional expertise sets us apart.

We have a deep understanding of best practice processes and can align this to your legacy or TechnologyOne environment as required.

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Our planning, budgeting and forecasting partners

Board International Integrated Planning and Reporting

Board International – Integrated Planning and Reporting

Revolutionise decision making processes with unified and customisable reporting, analysis, planning, forecasting and business modelling. Analyse, simulate, plan and predict.

  • Analyse – explore your data, run effective analysis, build interactive dashboards, and create impactful reports.
  • Simulate – conduct in-depth business modelling and scenario management. Understand the impact of your decisions on your bottom line.
  • Plan – unify different planning processes in a single environment for a completely integrated business planning approach. Infuse intelligence throughout the entire budgeting and planning cycle.
  • Predict – embed advanced analytical and predictive capabilities into your organisation’s processes.

Make it easier than ever for business users to produce powerful forecasts and insightful analyses to accelerate the decision making process.

We are delighted to have Lánluas as our latest partner to service and grow our client base. Their skills and experience in local government combined with Board technology will enable customers to maximise the advantage of our proven solutions designed for companies that increasingly require accurate and informed data in the hands of users for critical real-time decision making.

Chris Wilkins, Director – Partners and Alliances A/NZ Board International
Anaplan - Integrated Planning and Reporting

Anaplan – Integrated Planning and Reporting

Anaplan is a unique software platform designed to drive business performance and agility.

Successful businesses will need to mitigate four key challenges to stay ahead:

  1. change
  2. complexity
  3. collaboration
  4. scale.

With Anaplan, business leaders can see edge-to-edge across their company, easily align and achieve business and technology goals.

The modern enterprise is no longer a collection of autonomous units – it’s a unified entity that functions best when decision makers are given immediate access to all relevant information. The Anaplan platform makes this synchronised action a reality.

Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes. Anaplan is hyperscale computing applied to your operational insights, forecasts and business strategies. Designed to solve your challenges with clarity and collaborative power, the platform makes it possible for companies to succeed at any scale of complexity.

Anaplan helps you convert constant change to your advantage.

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