To deliver a smart city or community, councils need to take advantage of new technologies to meet changing community expectations regarding the availability of fast and accurate digital information at any time and from anywhere.

Creating connected citizens and communities

Lánluas has extensive and deep experience with local government clients across all operational and strategic areas of their businesses:

  • Property and rating
    Lánluas is expert in designing, configuring, optimising and supporting TechnologyOne vertical industry systems for Property and Rating. Delivery of optimised processes supporting Regulatory, Rating, Revenue and Customer Request Management functions is critical in moving towards smart city and digital engagement.
  • Financial processing and reporting
    Implementation of TechnologyOne’s ERP starts with its core Financials, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Assets, Reporting and system access and security. Lánluas intimately understands how to design and implement efficient and effective core Financials, including an effective Chart of Accounts, to provide proven practice financial management, processes and reporting.

We unlock potential from TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil SaaS ERP solution to assist local government clients to meet infrastructural, operational and strategic requirements, driving better outcomes from SaaS solutions. Effectively managing these business-critical elements makes it possible for our local government clients to service their community better.

  • Budgeting and forecasting
    In-depth understanding of local authority planning, budgeting and forecasting regimes is critical for accurate financial management, governance, risk management, compliance and reporting. Lánluas is expert in designing and delivering planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF) solutions for local government authorities.
  • Business intelligence and dashboards
    Corporate Performance Management underpins the eyes and ears of your enterprise, providing strategic, financial, operational and ad-hoc visibility through reporting, BI, analytics, ETL and planning.
  • Supply chain management and procurement
    TechnologyOne Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes modules for Purchasing/Procurement, Catalogues, Stores/Inventory Management and Vendor Management, with critical integration to core Financials.
  • Payroll and human resources
    Payroll is typically the base for any Human Resources and Payroll (HRP) implementation, delivering the platform for paying employees and other staff, providing the basis for leave accrual and management, timesheeting and data entry. Human Resources modules then provide self-service functions as well as performance and talent management, all integrated with core Financials for timely and accurate financial management and reporting.
  • Strategic and enterprise asset management
    Obtaining a strategic view of physical assets empowers local authorities in deciding where to spend their money and resources for the greatest impact and effect. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) supports the operational management of physical assets, including planned and unplanned maintenance, matching activities with teams and other resources. Again, integration with core Financials is critical.
Lánluas is a leading Australian business systems consulting company specialising in Local Government SaaS solutions

Deep engagement with councils

Through deep engagement with councils, Lánluas has developed bespoke solutions to satisfy challenging requirements, such as developer contribution plan (DCP) management and forecasting, and long-term financial planning (LTFP). The new CiA (Ci Anywhere) platform from Technology One Limited is leveraged heavily for an enhanced user experience and advanced analytics.

During the recent New South Wales council amalgamations – and across Australia – Lánluas has been instrumental in supporting many councils in the upgrade and rationalisation of legacy systems onto the TechnologyOne OneCouncil ERP solution.

Underpinning TechnologyOne enterprise system consulting is the Lánluas expertise in key allied disciplines. These include process automation, integrated planning and reporting, data migration and management, and system integration.

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