Lánluas has developed a strategic partnership with the award-winning and best-of-breed vendor Aten Systems to underpin our system integration solution.

Lánluas provides delivery of extensive business system integration solutions.

Leverage existing core platforms with innovative technology solutions to simplify and centralise systems and processes, gaining increased visibility and agility.

  • Innovative technology solutions to leverage governments’ existing core platforms.
  • Simplify systems and processes; obtain greater visibility; centralised hub.
  • Enable modern interaction channels with resident constituents.

Lánluas is one of Aten’s premier partners with capability across the Aten suite.

System Integration | Lánluas Consulting

Our expert team of business analysts and process champions will help to drive the best solution for your business. Our functional expertise sets us apart. We have a deep understanding of best practice processes and can align this to your legacy or TechnologyOne environment if required.

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