Lánluas drives innovative business and digital transformation by providing thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services to over 250 clients across all major sectors in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We understand that digital transformation looks different for every industry, with organisations requiring different needs. Our enterprise systems and solutions address common industry pain points, optimising operations, driving growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

By implementing, configuring and augmenting TechnologyOne solutions, Lánluas assists organisations in streamlining their operations and achieving increased efficiency, productivity and profitability. We’ve worked with organisations of all scales, from small local councils to major financial corporations, giving our clients extra reassurance that we can help them through their digital transformation

Councils & Local Government SaaS Solutions

To deliver smart cities, councils need to take advantage of technologies that meet changing community expectations regarding the availability of fast and accurate digital information.

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Education Institution SaaS Solutions

Lánluas unlocks the potential from TechnologyOne’s SaaS ERP Solutions to assist educational institutions to meet the operational and strategic education requirements, driving better outcomes.

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Enterprise Software for Governments

Lánluas helps government agencies meet fast-changing expectations, transforming connectivity and operations cost effectively, supporting large-scale software implementations and managing risk reduction.

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Health & Community Service SaaS Solutions

The competitive, compliance and revenue pressures under which Health and Community Services (HCS) providers operate require robust systems, management and reporting.

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Corporate & Financial Services SaaS Solutions

Lánluas unlocks potential from TechnologyOne’s OneCorporate global SaaS ERP Solutions to assist corporate and financial services clients drive better outcomes.

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Asset & Project Intensive SaaS Solutions

For large-scale infrastructure, utilities and property development organisations, the efficient management of the highly complex matrix of stakeholders, processes, timelines and technology is critical.

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Why invest in enterprise systems consulting services

Investing in enterprise systems consulting services can yield significant benefits for organisations seeking to streamline operations, improve efficiency and drive growth. Enterprise systems consulting services refer to the suite of services that help organisations to design, implement and manage complex enterprise-wide solutions. 

The key reason to invest in enterprise systems consulting services is to achieve operational excellence. Enterprise systems consulting services can help organisations to streamline their business processes, reduce costs and improve the quality of their products and services. 

Investing in enterprise systems solutions can address internal challenges. These solutions improve collaboration and communication across teams. By providing a single source of truth for business data and processes, enterprise systems consulting services enable cross-functional teams to work together more effectively, sharing insights and making strategic decisions.

Don’t get left behind, invest in enterprise systems consulting services today

The challenges organisations face if they do not have systems consulting services can compound. For many industries, this means being unable to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological landscape, leading to inefficiencies, errors and missed opportunities. 

Reputation can also take a hit, as organisations struggle to remain competitive in their respective industries, not to mention run the risk of non-compliance with relevant regulatory requirements.

Enterprise systems consulting services address these challenges by providing organisations with the expertise, guidance and support they need to identify areas for improvement and implement the latest technological solutions. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage the latest technological innovations that can help drive your business forward. Speak to the professional team at Lánluas today to unlock your organisation’s potential.

The industries we serve

As a leading enterprise systems consulting firm, we’ve facilitated the digital transformation for numerous clients across diverse industries. Here are some of the industries Lánluas has worked with and how we’ve helped them:


In the education sector, Lánluas helps institutions to implement, configure and augment TechnologyOne solutions, such as student management, financial management and human resources. These solutions enable educational institutions to automate administrative tasks and better support students, faculty and staff. Our TechnologyOne consulting services for the education sector also offer insights into student performance and institutional operations, enabling administrators to make data-driven decisions.

Councils and Local Government

Lánluas’ TechnologyOne consulting services for councils and local governments enable these organisations to manage assets effectively, improve financial reporting and optimise their workforce, delivering better services to citizens and improving community engagement.

Health and Community Services

In the health service industry, our enterprise systems consulting services positively contribute to reducing costs, improving care and streamlining daily manual processes. Through effective patient and client management, financial and supply chain management, organisations in this fast-paced sector thrive. 

Financial and Corporate Services

For the financial services sector, Lánluas facilitates the implementation, configuration and augmentation of TechnologyOne solutions for financial management, business intelligence and customer relationship management. These solutions enable financial services organisations to better manage financial operations, analyse data for decision-making and enhance customer experience.

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