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Last updated 20 November 2023

Consultant Spotlight: Karen Wong

Doesn’t shy away from a challenge, enjoys problem-solving, and always looking to make things better.

It’s safe to say Karen Wong was destined to have a career as a consultant.

Karen always knew it was a career path she wanted to follow. It was always a question of when the right time would be. Having made the transition 18 months ago, Karen hasn’t looked back since.

The time was right to make the move. I was starting to feel stagnant in my old role, and the ability to complete bigger pieces of work was no longer an option.

Karen Wong

Starting out as a graduate accountant, it was by chance that Karen took a role as a systems accountant. The variety of work and broad exposure across core financial applications – accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable, then on to budgeting, reporting, analytics and building integrations – all elements Karen still enjoys today as a financial consultant with Lánluas.

While the scopes of work she finds herself delivering day-to-day haven’t changed extensively, the variety and types of projects she works on definitely have. Working with clients in other sectors is an opportunity Karen really enjoys.

The variety of clients really works for me. Some weeks I will be working with a different client each day. You aren’t just focused on one industry or sector. I’ve worked with a variety of clients across local government, health care, and higher education, just to name a few.

Karen Wong

Karen’s deep expertise and experience in local government and government agencies have enabled her to deliver complex projects with key clients in Australia and New Zealand.

One particular highlight has been working with a higher education client to build an integration to connect student management data with the financials application within TechnologyOne, using T1’s ETL tool.

I found it really interesting working with a higher education client, as I had not previously had the opportunity to work outside of government. It gave me great insight into how that sector worked.

Karen Wong

As COVID19 restrictions ease and borders re-open, many people find themselves grappling with the need to return to the office in this post-pandemic world. Like all Lánluas consultants, remote working and delivery is something that is important for Karen.

When asked to comment on the culture at Lánluas, Karen described it as ‘close-knit’ and ‘supportive’.

At Lánluas everyone cares about each other, and you aren’t just a number. Being part of a boutique consultancy means you have regular contact with everyone across the organisation. People are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. The regular care packages and thank you hampers really say a lot about the culture and show that you are valued.

Karen Wong

For those considering a career shift and assessing whether a move from an operational role to a consulting one, you may be surprised at the similarities.

Regardless of the type of role you have, you will always have a client. As a consultant, it just means your client is external rather than internal. The key to success is being open to change.

Karen Wong

For more information about a career at Lánluas, and to check out available opportunities, visit our Careers page.

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