Consultant Spotlight

14 May 2024

Consultant Spotlight: Sohail Ahmed

“For me, lending a helping hand is instinctive, knowing that our collective efforts yield mutual rewards.”

Sohail Ahmed is a seasoned IT professional with extensive expertise in project management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), TechnologyOne, and business analyst applications support. With a background primarily supporting local governments across New Zealand and Australia, Sohail seamlessly fits into his role as a TechnologyOne Consultant at Lánluas, specialising in Property & Rating.

Based in Melbourne, Sohail treasures moments with his family and close friends. His decision to transition to more flexible employment options arose in 2020 when his former employer urged staff to return to office-based work post-pandemic. Embracing Lánluas’ remote-first approach for over a year now, Sohail appreciates the freedom to balance work with family commitments, “Whether it’s tending to my children’s needs or collaborating with clients across different time zones, the flexibility makes for a fulfilling work-life balance.”

Job satisfaction is also important to Sohail, who enjoys the diverse nature of work at Lánluas. He also values the supportive environment created by his colleagues, likening it to being part of a close-knit family where knowledge sharing is not only encouraged but embraced. “If you don’t know something, you have a pool of TechnologyOne consultants who are open to sharing their knowledge with you.”

Drawing from his extensive tenure in local government, Sohail demonstrates a deep understanding of the sector’s intricacies. He excels at identifying challenges and implementing effective solutions, leveraging his innovative approach and technical proficiency in TechnologyOne products to set himself apart in the field.

A highlight of Sohail’s job is the impact he makes in helping local government clients, recognising that by assisting them, he ultimately serves the community at large.

“Assisting the councils isn’t just about aiding their operations; it’s about enriching the lives of their ratepayers and residents—ultimately, benefiting the entire community. For me, lending a helping hand is instinctive, knowing that our collective efforts yield mutual rewards.”

During weekends, Sohail loves spending quality time with his four children and playing cricket for his local club, Fawkner Sports. When it comes to showing allegiance to a national cricket team, he is generally happy to support any of the three countries of which he is a citizen (Pakistan, New Zealand, or Australia) however, he does tend to favour whichever team is performing the best at the time!

Reflecting on significant influences, Sohail fondly remembers his first boss, whose emphasis on talent cultivation over experience left a lasting impression. His advice to Sohail was that whatever you want to do in life, become an expert at it and to excel at your passion, a mantra that Sohail has embraced whole-heartedly.

As he looks to the future, Sohail anticipates opportunities accompanying cloud migration, while also recognising the transformative role of AI and data analytics in shaping decision-making processes for local government organisations.

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