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Last updated 20 November 2023

Consultant Spotlight: David Stubbings

With a career spanning retail, manufacturing, technology, not-for-profit, education and government, David Stubbings proves that you don’t have to be pigeonholed into one industry for your career.

But he hasn’t stopped there. He has also branched out from his foundational training beyond core financials – accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable – having worked across asset management and student management finance too.

David is Lánluas’ Engagement Manager and was previously a Senior Consultant. David attributes his success as a consultant to the vast career experiences he has had. With a broad level of experience across numerous industries and disciplines, he can quickly understand the context our clients operate.

“Consulting is a different job style. You need a different mindset. You work across multiple clients, dealing with various challenges and different scopes of work. All within any given week. You don’t get stuck in the grind doing the same thing day-in-day-out,”

David Stubbings

David started his career with supermarket chain Safeway (now Woolworths) before moving to well-known automotive engineering and retailer Repco. It is here he gained experience as a systems accountant across both manufacturing and retail. Fast forward several years, and he ended up working for one of the technology solutions he had been an end-user.

It wasn’t until after taking a career break that he found his way into the consulting world, working for ERP software provider TechnologyOne.

“I’ve always found consulting interesting, no matter the client or the job. There is always a wide variety of work.

David Stubbings

“I enjoy working with not-for-profit clients; what they do is unique and has a real purpose. Whether it is working to help with mental health, homelessness, or crime rehabilitation, it is nice knowing that you are helping make a positive impact.”

When asked what he enjoys about working with Lánluas, David talked about the opportunity he has had to gain experience across multiple clients and numerous TechnologyOne products.

“I’ve been able to spread my wings and not just do core financials. That is something I had not previously had the opportunity to do. Before moving into his current role, he consulted in core financials, works and asset management, and student finance. 

“I was approached by one of the unis to do some business process mapping work. It ended up being a project that ran for several months, helping solve issues in their student management software.”

Looking ahead to the future, there is ample opportunity for our consultants as new clients partner and existing relationships strengthen with Lánluas. David’s view is that it is great to be part of a business that is growing, as it means things aren’t stagnant.

“We are doing more and more projects that are outside the core TechnologyOne product suite and using different tools. Even though we are a smaller business, there are exciting opportunities on the horizon. Being able to move and evolve is great.”

David Stubbings

For more information about a career at Lánluas, and to check out available opportunities, visit our Careers page.

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