Last updated 20 November 2023

Change is hard for any business. But when it comes to data migration, the difficulty rises to a new level. A whopping 90% of organisations suffered from disrupted or failed data migrations in 2019, accounting for millions in lost revenue, profits and mission-critical documents.

Despite the bad rap, data migration and virtualisation don’t have to be pain-inducing processes. There’s no way to ease the burden completely, but there are steps you can take today to ensure a smoother, cleaner go-live tomorrow.

Here’s how to ensure a pain-free data migration for your business — without having to cross your fingers or grit your teeth.

What is business data migration?

At its most basic definition, business data migration is the process of moving virtual information from one location to another. This involves data preparation during extraction, moving data in the transform step, and porting information during the load step.

Your business may need to migrate data when:

  • You change storage solutions, databases, or applications. For example, your business may need to migrate from on-prem hardware to the cloud.
  • You’re deploying a new system that will sit alongside current applications. This may require the porting of all currently existing data.
  • You’re merging with another business. Information from each organisation should be consolidated into a single source.

No matter the reason, you need to ensure your upcoming migration is as quick and efficient as possible.

This means relying on a three-step plan: strategy, service, and testing.

Three ways to streamline your business data migration

Data migration could make or break your business — literally. Rather than hoping for the best, it’s a good idea to plan ahead with time-tested strategies.

Here’s how to encourage a successful data migration throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the UK:

Choose better data migration strategies

Even for data, strategy is everything. Picking the right process makes implementation smoother, stopping potential pitfalls from swallowing your progress or project budget.

The strategy you select should be largely dependent on individual business needs. However, it’s best to include:

  • Initial auditing
    Eliminate any redundancies and clean up your system before undertaking the full brunt of the project.
  • Ongoing maintenance
    Determine who will keep the database clean before, during and after the migration.
  • Tracking and reporting
    It’s a good idea to use automation to surface insights at scale.

There’s no need to manage each of the data migration strategy steps in-house. Enterprise systems consulting services can develop custom plans and approaches for businesses in various industries.


Acquire holistic data migration services

It’s one thing to create a plan for data migration, but an entirely different thing to execute it on your own.

Data migration services take the sting out of accidental breakdowns and self-inflicted errors by managing and implementing an entire migration plan. At Lánluas, we make it easy to transfer data of any kind by:

  • Curating beneficial partnerships with best-of-breed technology vendors.
  • Aligning with multiple architectures, legacy environments, and cloud solutions.
  • Exhibiting business agility and ROI gains across various industries.

Perform advanced data migration testing

It’s not enough to simply migrate your data. Testing is required to ensure the successful and valid transfer of documents, software, and critical data.

Some data migration testing services can be completed by in-house techs. However, these may not be effective enough to test large amounts of data.

The team at Lánluas has partnered with world-class virtualisation vendors capable of performing tests in many forms. DataMC and Denodo are more than equipped to protect your data as it travels, well-known for their ability to handle complex migrations and large-scale transfers.

To ensure your migration is as quick and efficient as possible, implement a three-step plan: strategy, service, and testing.


Migrate with less stress through Lánluas

Whether you prefer a ‘big bang’ migration or a simple ‘trickle down’ approach, it pays to align with migration partners that execute your plan effectively. Lánluas is no exception, assisting clients with data migration processes with decades of combined experience.

As a leader in enterprise system consulting services throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, Lánluas is a powerful choice for data migration, execution, and virtualisation. With hundreds of enterprises served by brands around the globe, we offer practical, future-proof strategies to the businesses and organisations of tomorrow.

Take the dread out of data migration with seasoned professionals who care. Get in touch with Lánluas today to tailor a custom strategy for your business.

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