Last updated 22 February 2024

Today, cloud migration has emerged as a pivotal strategy for organisations to harness the full potential of digital transformation for external and internal stakeholders.

This shift toward the cloud is especially pertinent for organisations utilising TechnologyOne, as the support for on-premise systems provided by Technology One Ltd ends on 1 October 2024.1

The current state of play in the cloud migration journey for our clients tends to sit at either end of the uptake spectrum. Research we recently completed with local government, health and community and education clients in Australia, New Zealand and the UK showed us that 35% of respondents are completely on-premise, with 48% completely in the cloud, and a minority having some elements on-premise and some in the cloud. 

The advantages of cloud migration are multifaceted and compelling. They include streamlined operations, rapid adaptability, and scalability, along with cost savings, flexibility, enhanced data accessibility, and fortified security. Cloud migration is not without its challenges. It’s very important to get it right the first time for business continuity.

Our research shows that clients who are still on-premise are mainly concerned about the need to educate staff on the new system, that it will cost too much, and with potential issues from migrating a complicated legacy system. This aligns with the pain points of clients who have fully migrated with staff training and change management, data transfer and lost features proving the biggest concerns.2

Navigating the TechnologyOne Cloud Migration Maze

To ensure a seamless transition to the TechnologyOne cloud and minimise operational disruptions, Lánluas encourages the adoption of a well-informed and structured approach to the migration project.

1. The Cloud Conundrum: Ci vs. CiA

TechnologyOne offers two versions of its ERP system: Connected Intelligence (Ci) and Ci Anywhere (CiA). While both operate on-premise and in the cloud, they differ in functionality and appearance. Importantly, a migration from Ci on-premise to the cloud does not automatically encompass a move to CiA. Integrations and interfaces with third-party systems demand careful consideration, and projects may require reimplementing specific modules and functionality.

2. The Internal Checklist: A Roadmap for Success

The allure of cloud migration often belies the complexity underlying the process. A meticulous internal checklist is crucial for orchestrating a successful migration. This checklist encompasses auditing software functionality, integrations, interfaces, and data for migration, eliminating redundant data, devising a comprehensive migration analysis, and estimating the required effort, cost and timeframe. All this in addition to fostering organisation-wide engagement and conducting a TechnologyOne Cloud Readiness Assessment.

3. Navigating Common Migration Pitfalls

Organisations often stumble upon common migration pitfalls due to inadequate preparation. These include underestimating the project’s scope, failing to rectify on-premise process or data inefficiencies, introducing new functionalities mid-migration, neglecting comprehensive testing, overlooking user training, and incurring unnecessary costs due to timing misalignments. Migrating to the cloud can be a complex process, and organisations that underestimate the scope of this type of project, are likely to encounter issues and roadblocks.

4. The Big Questions: Ensuring Informed Decisions

Success hinges upon aligning expectations with providers and clarifying any assumptions or misunderstandings. Key questions to ask include scope definition, project duration, resource allocation, responsibilities, environment requirements, backup and recovery plans, data security measures, costing specifics, and additional application needs.

5. Lánluas Cloud Migration Model: Balancing Time and Cost

Lánluas proposes a pragmatic approach to cloud migration through a quadrant model that considers both time and cost. Quadrants delineate scenarios ranging from complex, high-cost migrations to efficient, low-cost transitions. Organisations are advised to strive for Quadrant IV, where both time and cost are minimised, achieved via meticulous planning, judicious tool selection, skilled personnel, and rigorous testing.

6. Insourcing vs. Outsourcing: Deciding the Best Fit

The decision to insource or outsource a cloud migration hinges on factors like project complexity and time constraints. A phased approach is recommended, allowing for systematic clean-up, testing, and eventual go-live. Engaging experienced consultants will likely expedite tight-schedule migrations.

Mastering the Art of TechnologyOne Cloud Migration

Cloud migration remains a strategic imperative for all organisations and especially TechnologyOne customers. Navigating this intricate journey necessitates strategic planning, a clear understanding of the nuances, and a willingness to engage experts when required. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, organisations that successfully embrace cloud migration stand poised for enhanced efficiency, agility, and future-proofed operations.

We have created Migration Unlocked – The Fluff Free Guide to Cloud Migration for TechnologyOne Customers that helps TechnologyOne users understand what they need to prepare before undertaking a migration. It covers the common pitfalls of migrations, examples of phased approaches and real-life case studies.

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  2. Independent survey of 92 TechnologyOne users, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, July 2023 ↩︎

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