Last updated 21 November 2023

Today’s customers expect fast and fulfilling digital experiences in real-time.

SaaS innovates enterprise applications and modernises the way organisations engage with customers and communities through digital transformation, providing real-time access to the latest, most accurate and most trusted information from any device, at any time and from anywhere.

Lánluas assists digital businesses into simplifying business processes for everyday customers

Effective system configuration and business-as-usual support enables access to intuitive and powerful technology, transforming and simplifying business processes for everyday customers.

At Lánluas, we help digital businesses to use technology to enhance the customer experience, improving every touchpoint and increasing operational agility.

Our consulting expertise and solution offering is underpinned by our team of outcomes-focused consultants, uniquely expert in project delivery and systems support to more than 200 Lánluas clients across all levels of local government, education, government, health and community services, asset and project intensive enterprises, corporates and financial services.

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Unlocking TechnologyOne

Unlock the potential of your TechnologyOne investment. The Lánluas team has deep skill and expertise in TechnologyOne solutions, products and technologies.

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Helping our clients maximise value from their enterprise systems, Lánluas Consulting converts recommended enterprise solutions into concrete performance improvement.

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Lánluas Consulting drives innovative business and digital transformation by providing thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services to over 200 clients.

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